Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bill Gray

Along the way during our process of hooking the rug, we had a couple of people come to speak with us inspiring and encouraging the project and for what it represents. Nancy introduced us to Bill Gray someone that she has had the privilege to call her "friend" In 1968 Bill Gray volunteered for an organization called Operation Crossroads Africa. As an impressionable 21 year old university student, Bill spent the summers building wells and latrines in Liberia. The experience left a lasting impression on Bill and now volunteering has become a lifelong passion for Bill, as well as being a husband, father, business man and now a Rotarian. Bill took time out of his busy schedule and presented us with a slide show explaining his years of helping out in different parts of the world and how it has helped him to grow to the person he is today. If the thought ever comes in to your mind "can I do that?", the answer is always, "of course I can". It was just what we needed to validate that we were on the right track. Sheila hooked a wonderful thank you card for Bill, the image being "Luck", the little girl born to Lucienne after her many months in capitivity. We had a beautiful potluck luncheon afterward so our hearts and our tummies were full after that inspiring day spent with Bill Gray.

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