Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Oh my good golly! Who knew that there was so much that you could do with recycled plaid fabric?  Sheila B knew.  On Monday, Sheila's workshop on hooking with plaid fabrics was an eye opening experience for all.  She started by showing us so many wonderful examples of pieces that she hooked with plaids.  She noted that she will often use a piece of the original plaid fabric somewhere in the project, either as a backing, binding or part of the design. By seeing a sample of the original plaid, we were able to better understand what she has done to achieve such fantastic results. 


Then she, with the help of her lovely assistant Julie, showed us a large rug that she had hooked with lots of recycled plaids.

She taught the techniques, demonstrated what to do and provided individual coaching on how we could use the plaids that we had brought to the workshop.  She also had hooked samples of the patterns that we would be hooking.   Sheila left no stone unturned as she shared her knowledge and enthusiasm  for  plaids.   

A huge SHOUT OUT goes to Sheila for all the energy that she put into this workshop and for the enthusiasm that we now share for her love of plaids.  Thanks Sheila for opening our eyes to the possibilities that plaids offer to those of us who desire more options when hooking our rugs. 

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Anonymous said...

Great class, Sheila even if I did only listen and view.