Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Neighbours to the South

We have been very fortunate to come in contact with some very friendly and creative women who, like many others, come to summer in the Thousand Islands. There are a few who, like us, make this area our home, but others come from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. etc. We have been attempting to have a connection with each other so we invite them over for a day of rug hooking and they do the same. We had the opportunity in July to visit with them in Stone Mills, NY (this is always a bit entertaining when you tell customs your reason for visiting). We took our project rug to show them and their response was so encouraging and inspiring. Many offered us suggestions as to how we could market our rug on completion, in fact, many felt that they could pass the project information on and hopefully we just might connect with a proud recipient of our treasured rug. Who knows!!

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