Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have exceeded our expectations!!

As mentioned earlier in our blog, we had a deadline of the end of September to finish the hooking of our rug. You will see at the top of the picture that just a little line of blue has to be done but I have just heard that it is all done! We have done it!!!!!! Now we have to dye our whipping wool and whip the edge of the rug so that we can take it in for appraisal. A group of us are going up to Ottawa to the Museum of Civilization to find out what they look for when a piece of art of considerable value is done. This should be a very interesting experience for all of us. We are all so proud to be a part of this project.


Anonymous said...

Looks great, u have obviously worked really hard ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an exciting project to be working on. Tks for sharing this with me Julie. Barb from N.S.

Que said...

Nothing less.
(the Blog is Beautiful too!)