Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mimi Kashira's Letter to President Obama

I had mentioned in a previous about Mimi Kashira, a congolese woman, who came to speak to us at one of our meetings. Well I am including a letter that Mimi wrote to CBC (Canada Broadcasting) for Inaugauration Day. I guess the CBC was asking for these letters to be sent to President Obama - not sure if they actually were delivered but they were on the CBC Website. Here is a copy of her letter:

Dear President Obama, Congratulations. You are such an inspiration for billions around the world.
As you take the office tomorrow, I wish you success and strength from God to overcome all the challenges ahead.
However, when you see your two beautiful and precious daughters, please think of what parents like yourself have to endure every day in the Eastern Congo when they see they precious daughters being raped and their hopes evaporated.
Rape in the Congo has been another form of terrorism that needs to be dealt with. Women in the Congo have been crying out for help, please reach out to them by doing what you can to stop this ongoing forgotten war and rape against young girls and women. May justice be done and all the criminals put to justice. Please do not be indifferent to the suffering and cries of Congolese women like your predecessor.

May God bless you, your family and all America.

Thank you Mr. President.

Mimi Kashira,
Kingston, Ontario

Let us hope that President Obama did in fact get this letter. Mimi is in the process of raising funds for a school for Orphans in Goma. Mimi held a fundraiser recently in Kingston where she sang as well as many Queen's University students from different parts of the world. On March 8th Mimi is going to be speaking and showing the film "Blue Helmets - Peace & Dishonour" done by Montreal filmmaker/journalist, Raymonde Provencher.

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