Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well, as you probably already know, our good friend and fellow artisan, Eleanor B has recovered from her first hip replacement and is now waiting to have her second hip operation.  We all wish her the very best and a very, very, speedy recovery as we are anxious to have her back in our company.

In the meantime though, Eleanor has not given up on her hooking.  She manages to find time most days to do a bit of rug hooking in the evening and as we all know, a bit each day soon adds up.  Eleanor is now in the process of finishing this rug which is for her daughter in honour of her family pet.  As Yvonne will be coming east to visit her parents soon,  Eleanor is moving quickly towards the completion of this rug which she will give to Yvonne when she visits. Oh my, there is nothing like a deadline to spur one on.

And yes, Eleanor is already planning her next rug. 

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